Watermelon ‘Cake’

Today for the family clamboil I made Pasta Salad with Asparagus, Spring Peas and Feta found at www.realsimple.com. My 6 year old made the Watermelon ‘Cake’ shared by veggiebelly.com.


Such a newbie…

I would just like to take a minute and explain why my blog is a right mess. I have no experience writing a blog! This is my first attempt at trying to create a beautiful blog and so far it’s an epic fail. BUT, I shall prevail. I want to share with anyone that may be interested, my journey from carnivore to herbivore. I would like to have a very clean and professional looking blog and am working very hard to acheive that goal. I hope that if anyone is following my pursuit of clean eating and vegetarian conversion that you will hang in there and watch me grow.

Giving Fungi A Chance

Being that I am not a fan of mushrooms in their whole form, I surprised myself by absolutely loving the Homemade Mushroom Soup I made tonight. It was wonderful and fairly easy. I used white and shiitake mushrooms, sauteed with onion and celery. Used long grain rice and organic veggie broth. Purée veg after initial boil, return to broth, stir in some milk (could use soy but I used organic 2%) and top with parsley. We added a sprinkle of fresh shredded mozzarella as our belief is cheese makes everything that much better!  Maybe some day we can give up dairy but as for now…baby steps.

Another rainy night…

but we feel fine! We are having Cheesy Wild Rice and Veggie Casserole with beautiful asparagus & green beans made all gooey with fat free cream cheese and reduced fat mozzarella. You’ll notice that even though we’re eating out of a vegetarian cookbook, we love our cheese. Not quite ready to kick the dairy habit yet.

Comfort Food on a Rainy Night

Tonight, we had Cowboy Hot Pot. Sort of a different take on Shepard’s Pie but just as good. It is a vegetarian recipe and as you probably noticed with our Taco Pizza..we eat dairy so we had gooey cheese in our hot pot. Full belly!

Vegetarian Taco Pizza

Tonight we tried out a recipe from my new cookbook and it was a hit. 100% Whole Wheat Pizza Dough with Morningstar Veggie Crumbles, green bell pepper and your usual taco toppings. Quick, easy and oh so good.

New purchase…

I am chomping at the bit to test out these recipes in my newest purchase…”1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes” by Sue Spitler with Linda R Yoakam!!

Taco Pizza may be first on my list!