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There’s WHAT in a Ding Dong????

Ding Dong

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Today I was absolutely disgusted to learn that there is beef fat (or animal shortening…sounds even worse!)  in Hostess Ding Dongs!!  Ugh!  I am however extremely happy that I have not had a Hostess Ding Dong in many years.

It proves that I definitely need to be looking a little closer at the labels of everything I buy.  Beef fat???  Really???

Here’s the whole ingredient list:

Sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable and/or animal shortening (may contain one or more of: soybean oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, beef fat, lard), enriched flour (niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin), water, cocoa, skim milk, corn syrup, eggs, mono- and diglycerides, starch, whey, leavening (baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, monocalcium phosphate), salt, sodium caseinate, lecithin, cellulose gum, polysorbate 60, artificial color, artificial and natural flavors, sorbic acid

Read those labels people!!


Time Flies When Your Becoming Veg!

It’s been a bit since my last post but I can explain!  This blog’s orginal purpose was to chronicle my journey into the world of clean eating.  On my way to clean, I discovered I actually wanted to be vegetarian.  There have been several times in my life when I had said, “I wish I liked veggies more so I could become a vegetarian but I’m a meat eater through and through!”  For some reason, with 40 fast approaching, becoming veg really hasn’t been difficult at all.

I have eaten so many veggies that I swore I would never touch…mushrooms (see my mushroom soup post), tomatoes (as long as they’re roma/plum, I put them on everything!) and even eggplant.  I made a summer ratatouille with fresh picked eggplant, squash, etc. that was absolutely fabulous!

I can’t even begin to describe how good I feel (except for this wonderful cold my 6 yr old brought home and shared with myself and my 9 month old)!  I have lost 10 lbs. in 2.5/3 weeks…without even trying.  I eat 6 times throughout the day so hunger is no issue.  Due to the loss of my gallbladder (medical mistake) over 3 years ago, I have a history of horrible attacks of bile salt diarrhea.  These attacks can be absolutely debilitating, leaving me lying on the floor of my bathroom writhing in pain.  It made being able to go out to dinner with family or friends almost impossible.  I have had no such attacks since beginning my veg journey.  My system has made adjustments, yes, but nothing like the attacks I would have.  It’s nice to be able to go out and enjoy a meal without fear of having to make a mad dash back home.

I haven’t done this alone and I owe a lot of thanks to many websites, bloggers and tweets from various people and organizations that have helped me in this learning process.  For anyone who is looking for support while becoming veg/vegan, I highly recommend visiting the Happy Herbivore.  The recipes are easy but fabulous and Lindsay makes learning fun!  This is my number one source for recipes and newbie information.  I have even taken an HH e-course and am excited to take more.

I love that all I have to do is turn on my computer and the world of vegetarianism is right there for me to explore!

Fell off the wagon…hard!

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Last night I wanted to make a nice Marguerite Pizza in an attempt to get over my repulsion of tomatoes.  All day I had thought about the Whole Wheat Dough, the organic sauce, the big chunks of fresh mozzarella and very thin slices of tomato.  Upon arriving home and discussing dinner with my husband, he decided he had to have meat. I had deprived him enough and he demanded meat on his pizza! After some consideration, I decided that I needed to compromise with him so that he would continue to eat the mostly vegetarian meals that I had been preparing lately.  Off I go to the store!

As I am walking through the store trying to find all the organic and “good for me” ingredients I can, I decide that I will brown up some sausage for hubby’s pizza. That was my downfall!  Having been a serious, devoted meat-eater for 39 years, I just could not handle the smell of that sausage.  Now mind you, I did partake at the family clam boil this weekend also. So, in my first two weeks of trying to eat more veggie, I have slipped twice with major guilt after.  It seems once the yumminess and feeling of comfort recedes, I am left with guilt!

Do carnivore converts fall off the wagon on their way to vegetarianism?  Do they stumble on their way to all things healthy? I don’t know about others but I certainly did.

Such a newbie…

I would just like to take a minute and explain why my blog is a right mess. I have no experience writing a blog! This is my first attempt at trying to create a beautiful blog and so far it’s an epic fail. BUT, I shall prevail. I want to share with anyone that may be interested, my journey from carnivore to herbivore. I would like to have a very clean and professional looking blog and am working very hard to acheive that goal. I hope that if anyone is following my pursuit of clean eating and vegetarian conversion that you will hang in there and watch me grow.

Trader Joe’s Makes CE Easy!

Dinner tonight is a lovely and vibrantly colored organic vegetable radiatore pasta with Pomodoro Sauce with hormone-free ground turkey. Wonderful Bake At Home Whole Wheat Ciabatta Rolls round it all out. Can’t wait to eat!!

I have never been a tomato eater but the TJ’s Pomodoro Sauce is amazing. Sweet instead of acidic. I have found my new CE pasta sauce favorite!’