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Make Your Own…

I am finding that I love making my own pizza. Especially since I don’t have to worry about making the dough from scratch. Our local grocery store has begun carrying whole wheat pizza dough which has been a godsend.

Tonight I put pesto with Basil and Olive Oil, plum tomatoes thinly sliced and a small bit of mozzarella cheese (still trying to quit the dairy…baby steps!) it was so easy and delicious. It’s also very nice to know exactly what is in/on my family’s pizza.


Anti-pasto Style Penne

Tonight I needed something quick, easy and clean. Borrowing from a recipe, I made some Organic Brown Rice Penne pasta and mixed in a chopped sweet orange bell pepper, sliced kalamatta olives, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. So good!

Greek Pizza

Tonight we ordered out in order to avoid the madness of pre-Hurricane shopping. I finally bit the bullet and tried a pizza where I would have to have tomatoes. Slices, not little tiny chopped bits. We ordered a Greek Pizza with oil, feta, tomatoes, spinach and oregano. Delicious!! And yes, I ate every tomato. This will be one that I make on my own in the future but I’ll be using whole wheat dough and organic ingredients.

Black Beans and Rice

Tonight I threw together a quick Black Beans and Rice. Sauteed onion, green onion and garlic. Threw in a cup of long grain wild rice with some basmati mixed in. Let that brown a bit then added 2.5 cups of organic reduced-sodium veggie broth and let simmer. Once most of the broth had been absorbed, I threw in a can of organic black beans. Salt, pepper and some cilantro and it was dinnertime!

My husband dressed his up with some organic southwestern corn salsa and mung bean sprouts.

Watermelon ‘Cake’

Today for the family clamboil I made Pasta Salad with Asparagus, Spring Peas and Feta found at My 6 year old made the Watermelon ‘Cake’ shared by

Giving Fungi A Chance

Being that I am not a fan of mushrooms in their whole form, I surprised myself by absolutely loving the Homemade Mushroom Soup I made tonight. It was wonderful and fairly easy. I used white and shiitake mushrooms, sauteed with onion and celery. Used long grain rice and organic veggie broth. Purée veg after initial boil, return to broth, stir in some milk (could use soy but I used organic 2%) and top with parsley. We added a sprinkle of fresh shredded mozzarella as our belief is cheese makes everything that much better!  Maybe some day we can give up dairy but as for now…baby steps.

Another rainy night…

but we feel fine! We are having Cheesy Wild Rice and Veggie Casserole with beautiful asparagus & green beans made all gooey with fat free cream cheese and reduced fat mozzarella. You’ll notice that even though we’re eating out of a vegetarian cookbook, we love our cheese. Not quite ready to kick the dairy habit yet.