Gone Paleo! (Of sorts)

In the many attempts to find just the right eating plan for me, I have stumbled upon the Paleo diet.  Having just finished a year-long treatment for melanoma in January, I wanted to get my body back into shape and try and be the healthiest I can be. I was so tired of being tired and feeling sick all the time.  Since cutting grains out, I feel fabulous!  I have not been able to cut sugar completely out yet but I don’t eat much that has sugar in it anyway.

My family is eating much more healthy foods (except for the 8 yr old who won’t eat anything unless it’s pizza or mozzarella sticks!)  We only eat 100% grass-fed beef that either comes from Trader Joe’s or when I can, the Farmer’s Institute on Martha’s Vineyard. Talk about knowing where your food comes from!  Can’t get much closer than that!!  The majority of our fridge is veggies!  I try to get a rainbow going so I know we’re getting everything we need.  I have adapted paleo to fit my lifestyle so you may notice some recipes here that include non-paleo items but this is what works for us.

Last night we had an amazing Beef Stew followed up with a fantastic Chocolate Pot de Creme!!  Amazing!!

I have all of my favorite Paleo (and non-paleo) Recipes on Pinterest…give me a follow!


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