Greek Pizza

Tonight we ordered out in order to avoid the madness of pre-Hurricane shopping. I finally bit the bullet and tried a pizza where I would have to have tomatoes. Slices, not little tiny chopped bits. We ordered a Greek Pizza with oil, feta, tomatoes, spinach and oregano. Delicious!! And yes, I ate every tomato. This will be one that I make on my own in the future but I’ll be using whole wheat dough and organic ingredients.


One response to “Greek Pizza

  1. Having been a “mostly” vegetarian, I can assure you that most everybody slips, especially at the start. I don’t eat meat, seafood or honey but I do use fresh, locally grown eggs for baking (I see the big, beautiful Rhode Island Reds every time I go.) I love really good well-aged cheese (lactose intolerant) and do buy Finlandia Swiss often. (I believe their cows are treated better than most of ours.) I love, and miss, ice cream so when I can, I buy soy or coconut ice cream which tastes every bit as good as dairy. Just do the best you can and keep trying. Over time, you will find that you think less about meat.

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